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Monster Diamond Tears

Monster no longer makes the popular Beats headphones after the split between the partners. Monster is still making headphones though and it has unveiled three new sets at the Monaco Grand Prix. The new headphones include the Diamond Tears, VEKTR, and Inspiration. All three sets promise style and quality sound.

The Inspiration headphones are the first over the ear noise cancellation headphones from Monster. The headphones have interchangeable headbands and you can buy different colors, textures and materials to suit your style. The Diamond Tears headphones have a clear diamond style to the headband and outer ear cups.
Monster Inspiration

Monster says that the headphones also have its ControlTalk remote control and microphone for use with the iPhone. The third set of headphones is the VEKTR designed in conjunction with apparel brand Diesel. The Diesel logo is diamond cut on each ear cup. Pricing and availability are unknown.

Monster Diesel VEKTR


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