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The US Navy just got a new spy plane. It name is MQ-4C Triton, and it has been created by Northrop Grumman for "maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance data collection and dissemination capability to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force."
The Navy says that their new drone will be used for sea "surveillance, collection of enemy order of battle information, battle damage assessment, port surveillance, communication relay, and support of the following missions - maritime interdiction, surface warfare, battlespace management, and targeting for maritime and littoral strike missions."
If it looks familiar is because it is based on the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Like its US Air Force sibling, these things are really huge, with a 130.9-foot wingspan. They are long-range too: Northrop Grumman claims that it can do "large maritime distances for long periods of time for up to five simultaneous orbits worldwide."
The only think that puzzles me is that the Navy is getting them just after the USAF announced that they are mothballing all its Global Hawk fleet, citing cost problems and less than optimal results.
Perhaps the difference is that the new Triton comes with the AN/ZPY-3 multi-function active-sensor, a completely new 360 degree radar system that is supposed to be much better than the sensors in the Global Hawk

LG will soon launch the Model 55EM960o which will be the 3D OLED TV.

It has 3 USB ports in the base.
They say its price is about $12,000

Immersive 3D directional audio
Separate game and voice volume controls
Deep bass and crisp highs
Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort

Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Frequency Response: 25Hz-22kHz
THD: -97dB

Cable Length: 12ft / 3.7m
Xbox Live Port: Yes
Xbox 360 Audio Input Type: RCA

7.1 Surround Headset
Digital Decoder Box with Stand
In-Line Audio Controller
Removable Microphone
Headset Connector Cable
Optical Cable
USB Cable
Digital Audio Adapter
PC Adapter

If you are planning to buy an Android OS based phone than you must buy an MTS MTAG 401.

Its come up with price Rs. 8,999. It's a CDMA phone, with Android 2.3(Gingerbread).

It has 4 inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480X800 pixels.

The phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 800 MHz  and 1700 mAh battery.

The calls for MTS to MTS is free.

Yesterday Apple launch its Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

It is 0.7 inches thick. It's starting price is $1100.

It comes up with 13" and 15" screen sizes.

I love the Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 version.

This year Criterion Games come up with Need For Speed Most Wanted latest version which will launched on 30th October 2012.

If you wanted to be most wanted again kindly comment me.

Fujifilm introduced FinePix S2980 in India at just Rs. 12,499.

It has 14 Mega-Pixel CCD Sensor.

With 28mm wide angle.

It also has 18x Fujinon optical zoom.

Its screen size is 3.0 LCD Screen.

Yesterday was World IPv6 day and a few companies and ISPs made the big move to IPv6.

The reason IPv6 is being adopted is because of the problem of IP address shortage.

The IPv6 standard can support some 340000000000000000000000000000000000000 IP addresses, which means that you can have these many devices connected to the web with a unique IP address for each one.

Major sites, such as Time Warner, AT&T, D-Link, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo! were participating in the transition. However, many other popular mainstream sites didn’t make the move as well. They’re likely to make the move slowly, as time goes by. As of now, all the services that moved to IPv6 will still be accessible via connections using IPv4.

If you love foursquare, then they realease its new version for free for Android, iOS, Blackberry.

New version has more features, more upgrades and more social.

The location aspect of the app has gotten a new shine, with a snappier map interface that lets you see where your friends are in real-time.

It all looks quite spiffy, as it very well should considering the company’s clout: Foursquare has raised more than $71 million in venture capital since it was founded back in 2009, and its most recent stock sale valued the company at more than $600 million.

Acer S7 launched in Computex 2012. It has 12.5 mm thickness.

It has Intel Ivy Bridge processor. Which is preloaded with Windows 8 Preview.

It come up with Touch screen. It supports Full HD. It come up with 13.1 & 11.6 inches models.

The 13.1" model last long for 12 hours and 11.6" model last long for 9 hours battery life.

It also has light-sensing keyboard.

The Incredible fusion of Notebook & Tablet.

Jonney Shih officially announces the ASUS TAICHI Windows 8 tablet/notebook at the Asus press event at Computex 2012.

It has dual screens. Inside screen used in like Notebook Display and outside screen is work as Tablet.
It has also as thin as Asus Zenbook which is thin ultrabook.
It has SSD, Dual cameras, Dual FHD(Fine Home Displays)/IPS(In-Plane Switching) panels and Intel core processor.
Instant sharing with back to back Dual screen.

Nintendo is first out of the blocks ahead of Sony and Microsoft by revealing the Wii U controller will be known as the Wii U Gamepad and showing of some its features

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U controller shown off at E3 last year will be known as the Wii U Gamepad after making the announcement at a streamed video conference ahead of its E3 keynote on Tuesday.

Firming up details of its capabilities the Wii U Gamepad and how it will play nice with your TV, the Gamepad will also work as an e-Reader, support NFC from a button below the D-pad, feature motion and gyroscope sensors and be available in black and white. Confirming recently leaked pictures of the Wii U Gamepad, the thumbsliders have also been replaced by analogue sticks which unusually sit above the buttons in the wider more ergonomically designed Gamepad.

Nintendo also took the opportunity to grab the headlines before Microsoft and Sony's E3 press conferences by announcing the Wii U Pro controller which looks inspired by Xbox 360 controller, works wirelessly and aims to offer a more traditional gaming experience. There was no confirmation of pricing or a release date of the secondary peripheral however.

Last up on the announcement front was the unveiling of the Wii U's online features, a mobile app and Mii Wara Wara feature. A pre-recorded video demonstrated how users would be able to access online communities to search for help if stuck at a certain point of a game. The Wii U will also be able to send online content from the Gamepad to a TV while Mii Wara Wara which expands on the Mii Plaza from the Wii, is an online universe where all Miis can gather. We expect details of these elements to be outlined further in Nintendo's press conference later this week.

24" and 27" Models
Presenting the next level in entertainment computing. The VIZIO All-In-One 24-inch and 27-inch premium PCs combine breathtaking industrial design and unparalleled performance with the life-like clarity of HDTV and amazing audio quality.

Vizio Inc., which shook up the market with inexpensive high-definition televisions, now wants to become a computer manufacturer.

The Irvine, Calif., company, which ranks as one of the top sellers of televisions in the U.S., plans to show a line of thin laptop computers and all-in-one desktop PCs running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Vizio, which also produces Blu-ray players and a tablet, says it worked on its computer designs for two years in attempts to offer an aesthetic that competes with Apple Inc.'s popular products but at a lower price.

You can download it from

Windows 8. It sounds so innocent.

The name of Microsoft's coming operating system, updated today to Windows 8 Release Preview, implies just another version of an OS once much loved and now much maligned. But Windows 8 means much more to Microsoft: It's a bold attempt to build an Apple-proof operating system with modern visual elements via the risky Metro design language. It's a salvo in the war for tablet relevance. It insists that touch screens matter, and it sets the stage for upcoming versions of Windows Mobile.

For Microsoft to succeed with Windows on all platforms, Windows 8 has to work. The changes in today's Release Preview take a step in the right direction, tightening up the operating system and introducing new apps to showcase just what Windows 8 can do. But Microsoft isn't there yet. This is more "beta two" than "release candidate."

It's true that the Windows 8 Release Preview has a lot going for it, and people are curious. Microsoft says the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which debuted at Mobile World Congress in February, is "the most tested Microsoft operating system of all time," with more than 1 million downloads during its first 24 hours of public availability. It's tricked out with social networking and synchronization, it's robust enough to handle monster suites like Adobe's, it gracefully moves from touch to keyboard and mouse, and it's got some top-notch security. What you'll find in the Release Preview is a stable, fast operating system that's ready to compete, but a selection of default apps that are far from complete.

You can get the Windows 8 Release Preview from Microsoft's site, or CNET Microsoft has revealed the Windows 8 upgrade plan for Windows 7 computers purchased after June 2.

What's new: Multitouch touch pad
One of the big new features is that Windows 8 will allow multitouch gestures on touch pads. Macs have had multitouch touch-pad drivers for a few years, while Windows touch pads haven't progressed much since Windows XP. The blame for that can sit at the feet of Microsoft just as easily as you can point a finger at the hardware manufacturers. The point is now, with Windows 8 forcing dramatic hardware upgrades to accompany it, Windows touch pads are finally moving forward.

Three default gestures will come with all laptops that have touch pads: pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scroll along the X and Y axes, and edge swiping. That last one is important because it will give you an easier way to activate the edges on non-touch-screen Windows 8 computers besides using the mouse.

Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for the User Experience team at Microsoft, told CNET that Microsoft is working with hardware manufacturers to build specialized mice that also support the features, most likely for desktop Windows 8 computers that don't come with touch screens or for people doing at-home upgrades on non-touch screens.

When Windows 8 is finalized, Harris said that you'll be able set swiping in from the left edge to bring up the last viewed app, as it is on a touch screen, or for the Start screen button with thumbnails of the last viewed app, which on the touch screen is swiping in then back out from the left edge.

In two days' worth of use, the touch pad never failed when using its new features on the Start screen or Desktop mode. However, it was far less stable in apps, and often ignored pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scroll. Since it worked well on the Start screen and in other Windows 8 screens like the settings window, it looks like the apps are still quite rough.

Harris also said that he expects the development of the default apps to be an ongoing process. Like mobile apps on iOS and Android, they will see continuous revision, up to and beyond the release of Windows 8.

A team within Google[x] group started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.

What is a Chromebook?
Chromebooks are a new type of computer. They’re fast to use, and don’t slow down over time. They have built-in security, so you’re protected against viruses and malware. They come with apps for all your everyday needs, and keep your stuff safely backed up on the cloud. And with free, automatic updates, your Chromebook keeps getting better and better.

Go fast
Get to the things you need quickly and easily. Chrome devices boot up in seconds, and use the latest web technology to load web pages with blazing speed. Access all your favorite apps instantly in just one click. Unlike traditional computers, your Chrome device doesn't slow down over time.

Starts fast, stays fast
Chrome devices boot up in seconds, and resume instantly. Stream HD movies without a hitch. Unlike traditional computers, Chrome devices automatically stay up to date, avoid the bloat of old software and don’t slow down over time.

Browse with Chrome
Load websites in a snap with the the built-in Chrome browser. With Chrome Instant, web pages that you frequently visit will begin loading as soon as you start typing their URLs. The V8 JavaScript engine runs even the most complex web applications with lightning speed.

Do everyday things, do amazing things
Go straight online to creating, sharing and enjoying. Chrome devices come with built-in apps for editing photos, creating documents and presentations, and video chat, so you can get everyday tasks done right out of the box. Offline apps like Gmail keep you productive even when you're not connected to the web. You can explore thousands more apps in the Chrome Web Store.

Keep in touch
Talk face to face and connect with up to 9 people using Google+ Hangouts. You can also integrate multiple chat accounts with apps like imo or eBuddy.

Music, movies and more
Enjoy an endless selection of your favorite songs, videos, and movies on your Chrome device. You can stream music with apps like Pandora or organize your personal music collection with Google Play. For movies and videos, try Netflix or YouTube. Never worry about syncing your media again.

Work and collaborate
Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings with apps like Google Docs, Zoho or SlideRocket. With productivity web apps, you can collaborate in real-time with others, access your documents from any computers, and have your files backed up automatically.

Photos and videos
Edit beautiful photos with apps like Pixlr Editor or Aviary Image Editor and organize them with your favorite photos site. You can also create your home videos with Stupeflix or YouTube Video Editor.

Thousands of games
Explore new games and old favorites like Angry Birds, Solitaire, and WGT Golf Challenge. With new technology like Native Client, you’ll be able to enjoy even more cutting edge games like Bastion.

Chrome Remote Desktop
Need to access traditional software on your Chrome device? With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can access and run software stored on any of your other computers, securely over the Internet.

Cloud built-in
Chrome devices come with cloud computing features that make your life easier. Never lose a file or photo again when you save them on Google Drive. Access your files and settings from other devices, like your phone, with built-in sync features.

Google Drive
Chrome devices allow you to back up your stuff on Google Drive, a secure way to save and share your files. Never lose a file or photo again.

Chrome devices can sync your bookmarks, apps and other settings with other computers, tablets or smartphones with the Chrome browser.

Cloud Print
Chrome devices come with Google Cloud Print, a new technology that connects your printers to the web. Using Google Cloud Print, you can make your printers available to you and anyone you choose.

Multiple logins and Guest Mode allow you to share your Chrome device securely with friends and family. No one else using your Chrome device will have access to your email or personal data.

Monster Diamond Tears

Monster no longer makes the popular Beats headphones after the split between the partners. Monster is still making headphones though and it has unveiled three new sets at the Monaco Grand Prix. The new headphones include the Diamond Tears, VEKTR, and Inspiration. All three sets promise style and quality sound.

The Inspiration headphones are the first over the ear noise cancellation headphones from Monster. The headphones have interchangeable headbands and you can buy different colors, textures and materials to suit your style. The Diamond Tears headphones have a clear diamond style to the headband and outer ear cups.
Monster Inspiration

Monster says that the headphones also have its ControlTalk remote control and microphone for use with the iPhone. The third set of headphones is the VEKTR designed in conjunction with apparel brand Diesel. The Diesel logo is diamond cut on each ear cup. Pricing and availability are unknown.

Monster Diesel VEKTR

The Oppo Finder is the world's slimmest smartphone at 6.64mm. It has a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus display, a 8mp camera, a 1.5Ghz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash memory.

The company has officially taken the wraps off the device which has been revealed to be the Oppo Finder and is rumored for a 6th of June release and will retail for 3,999 Yuan (~$630). So apart from its super slim design, what else can we expect to find under the hood of the device? For starters users will find a 1.5GHz dual-core processor accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It will feature a 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8MP rear-facing camera capable of 1080p Full HD video capture, a 1.3MP front-facing camera capable of 720p HD video capture and will run on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Universal Voice Translator

SayHi Translate is the interpreter in your pocket. Talk to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and hear your words back in different languages. It's simply amazing!

Download it now while it's on sale for a limited time!

There are plenty of ways to get your flight school kicks with your smartphone or tablet — this missile shooting Griffin chopper comes to mind — but few manage to ooze as much style (or cost as much money) as Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0.

Getting the thing ready to fly is surprisingly simple. Once you’ve popped the battery into place, and turned the thing on, the Drone creates its own Wi-Fi network that the control device connects to. From there, just fire up the FreeFlight app on your iOS or Android device and you’re off to the races.

The big draw for some will be the ability to record the Drone’s aerial journeys. In addition to providing the pilot with an idea of where the drone is going, the small camera pod mounted on the drone’s nose is capable of capturing photos as well as 720p video. The camera’s small sensor means that quality tends to take a hit in low light, but the bigger issue for some is the tendency to see a wiggling effect in recorded video because of the four rotors whirring away.

Let’s be honest here — it’s not the most useful thing to have in your gadget closet (doesn’t everyone have one of those?) unless you’ve got a thing for aerial photography or not-so-covertly spying on people. What it lacks in pure utilitarian functionality it makes up for in sheer fun. There’s something terribly fun about tilting your smartphone around and watching this little quad-rotor aircraft dart around in response to it.

It’s even surprisingly easy to fly, provided you start out slow and put in a few minutes of fiddling first. Sadly, our Mobile Editor Matt Burns didn’t take that rule to heart, as he quickly crashed our own Drone at Disrupt. C’est la vie, but be prepared to do your due diligence if you don’t want to screw up a pricy piece of machinery. That said, Parrot has made it terribly easy to wow your friends with some neat aerial tricks — just double tap a button from within the app to make the Drone flip, and take in the applause.

The Drone is a hell of a lot of fun to play with, but there’s always that price tag to consider — it’ll run you a considerable $299. The responsible thing may be to take that money and use it to buy a rock-solid juicer instead, but I think your mental well-being is better served by the ability to explore the skies (or annoy your neighbors).

The DiRT Showdown UK release date is today, May 25th, with the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC title to landing with s new arcade style and Destruction Derby.

Developer and racing sim specialist Codemasters has launched the next addition to its award winning DiRT gaming franchise with DiRT Showdown landing in stores and online today with a host of new explosive gameplay features.

Taking a step away from the hardcore rally experience that was bolstered by the inclusion of pure showmanship thanks to the inclusion of Gymkhana modes in DiRT 3, DiRT Showdown is an all action arcade thriller with classic racing levels to be paired with Destruction Derby and Hoonigan modes.

“DiRT Showdown is not the sequel to the authentic rally-centric DiRT 3, but a brand new experience from the DiRT team,” Julian Widdows, Codemasters’ VP of development said. “We’re building on Codemasters Racing Studio’s world-class strengths in track design, graphics, AI, damage and online to create a new theatre of racing with the emphasis on accessibility and fun from race one.”

DiRT Showdown Release Date
Following the success of its trio of predecessors, DiRT Showdown sees the franchise once again headed up by rally poster boy and all-round driving nut Ken Block with a bevy of automotive beasts at the disposal of gamers from Block’s Gymkhana FOUR H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta to a selection of muscle cars, vans and even the odd hearse or two.

“DiRT Showdown charges into the arcade racing space with a uniquely Codemasters feel,” said Mike Chapman, senior games designer at Codemasters.  “Whether players are using nitrous to boost, smashing into their opponents or pulling off stunts, DiRT Showdown’s fresh handling system and super-charged damage engine embed excitement into every event.”

Having previously tipped the title for a slightly ambiguous ‘May 2012’ arrival, Codemasters has launched DiRT Showdown with the latest racing SIM landing for Sony PS3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

When Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft last year, there were concerns that the adoption of Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform would mean the death of cheap smartphones. After all, Nokia’s then bread and butter were cheap Symbian smartphones. Fast forward 15 months later and here is Nokia’s answer to getting prices of Windows Phone devices down – the Lumia 610. Read on for our first impression on the full retail version of the Lumia 610.

On the surface, the Lumia 610 is yet another Windows Phone device. It retains the basic design of almost all Windows Phone – a touchscreen slate design, three soft keys, a dedicated two-stop camera button and 5MP camera. The glossy plastic body with tacky chrome band doesn’t scream premium, but you wouldn’t expect that in a device at this price range anyway. While the design is as generic as it gets, at least it is an improvement over the Lumia 710, which takes the award for ugliest Windows Phone. Still, despite being a cheap device, the Lumia 610 is solidly built. It will be available in four separate colours – cyan, magenta, white and black.

The 3.7″ 480×800 display is the same size as found on its more expensive Lumia siblings, the 710 and 800. With a pixel density of 252 ppi, it is one of the sharpest screen I have seen on an entry level smartphone. But in order to get the price down, Nokia had to cut out the much regarded Clear Black Display filter. The lack of CBD layer resulted in a display that is highly reflective. In fact you could almost replace a mirror with this.

The biggest difference between the Lumia 610 and 710 are the inclusion of a much slower clocked speed processor and less RAM. The single core 800MHz Qualcomm processor and 256MB RAM might sound like a huge compromise to performance, but it isn’t. The Lumia 610 feels snappy at all times, thanks to the hardware accelerated UI. After all, Windows Phone was already optimised to run well on the Adreno 200 GPU found inside the Lumia 610 – it is the same GPU used on all first generation Windows Phone devices. Compared to the HTC Wildfire S, which struggles to runs on the same SoC, the Lumia 610 would fly. Not bad for an entry level smartphone with a 480×800 display to power.

Sadly the move towards 256MB RAM does mean that there are some trade offs. The Lumia 610 is a Tango device, meaning that some apps just won’t run on it. Microsoft has started contacting developers to encourage them to update their apps for Tango. Still the effects are real. Just a couple of days ago the Skype app was pulled from the Marketplace because of poor performance. Some background tasks will also be disabled, and there is not fast app switching. In a way, with such limitations in place, the Lumia 610 feels and operate much like a first generation pre-Mango Windows Phone. On the other hand you will be happy to read that the Lumia 610 does come with WiFi tethering/hotspot built-in.

The retail box is similar in design to all the previous Lumia boxes. Inside the drawer you will find a the device itself, some documentations, an in-ear Monster headphone, micro USB cable and USB wall charger. Unlike the Lumia 710, it does not come with additional battery covers. It is not known if Nokia would sell them as separate accessories, but it would be fair to say that they should. After all the Lumia 610 is targeted at a much younger audience.

In March, VEVO launched a bold new redesign that provided TV-like viewing, with instantaneous and continuous playback. But the biggest addition to the platform, other than a beautiful new full-screen player, was a new social sharing feature that takes advantage of Facebook Open Graph. Not surprisingly, VEVO seen a dramatic increase in the number of videos that are watched and shared on the social network since then.

VEVO has seen a 600 percent increase in Facebook-published or -watched videos when compared to February, to 4.5 million. It’s also signed up half a million new users via Facebook, which represents a 142 percent increase over the previous month. And the total number of impressions on Facebook grew to 171 million, which is a 181 percent change from February.

A caveat: VEVO isn’t the only video provider to see a jump in sharing and usage immediately after integrating with Facebook Open Graph. Video applications like Viddy and Socialcam had seen huge increases in the amount of viewership and registrations after adding seamless sharing. But Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away — and VEVO can’t count on that tremendous growth to continue indefinitely.

That said, it’s not just viewership from Facebook that is increasing. VEVO is also showing an uptick in engagement from users, who are watching more videos longer. Viewers watched an average of 4.3 videos in March, compared to 3.8 videos viewed in February. And they spent 15.2 minutes on the site, compared to 13.1 minutes during the prior month.

Facebook also isn’t the only place where viewers are tuning in to watch music videos on VEVO. The video service is also seeing huge amounts of viewership on mobile devices. In the first three months of the year, VEVO saw 254 million worldwide streams on mobile devices and connected TV apps, which is up 32 percent from the previous quarter. It also saw active users for iPhone grow 28 percent and iPad grow 22 percent during the time period.

Yahoo! Axis is a search browser that provides a completely new way to search and browse the web. It is available on three devices (PC, iPhone and iPad) and can be used on its own or together for a connected device experience. Axis integrates searching and browsing into a single, more efficient experience that transforms search into a companion, not a destination. It provides you with instant answers, visual previews of top search results for a more efficient and content-rich way to explore interests online. When activated, Axis also automatically recognizes you as you move from device to device, providing a personalized and consistent experience wherever you go.

Axis can be used on a single device or across multiple devices to create a seamless and personalized user experience on any of the following supported platforms:
Tablet - Yahoo! Axis supports the Apple iPad™.
Mobile - Yahoo! Axis supports the Apple iPhone™.
Desktop - Yahoo! Axis for the desktop is a add-on that supports the following web browsers:
Google Chrome™ (all versions).
Mozilla Firefox™ (version 7 and higher).
Microsoft Internet Explorer™ (version 9 and higher).
Apple Safari™ (version 5 and higher).
Yahoo! Axis provides the following benefits:

Search the web without ever leaving the web page you are viewing. Easily return to your search results at anytime without needing to use the web browser’s "back" button.

Yahoo! Axis provides search suggestions, visual snapshots of web results, and quick answers to common searches, like the weather forecast or local movie show times.

Yahoo! Axis on the iPad and iPhone are web browsers with a built-in search box. Enter search terms or URL's (e.g., in the same box. See search results instantly appear as you type without ever needing to go to a search results page.

Sign in using your Yahoo!, Facebook or Google account, and Yahoo! Axis will automatically recognize you from any of your linked devices.

Yahoo! Axis allows you to go from one search result to the next. On the iPhone and iPad, just swipe from the edge of your screen and browse through results as you would with a magazine. On your desktop, Yahoo! Axis shows right and left arrows you can click to go to the next or previous result.

Bookmark any page for quick access anytime. Your bookmarks will appear as visual snapshots of the web page so you can easily find the page you are looking for.

Robotic fish built by a team of scientists at Essex have been in action at the Port of Gijon, Spain, showing how they can patrol the sea coast to detect and identify potential pollution in the port.

The project to build these 1.8 metre long carp-shaped fish has been funded by an EU ICT project called SHOAL and yesterday’s demonstration in Spain was to showcase the advances and developments the team from Essex, in collaboration with five other EU partners, have made during the three years of research.

Traditional methods of monitoring pollution involve obtaining samples to be sent to a lab for testing, which can be time-consuming and makes real-time pollution information far from a reality. SHOAL aims to make this process real-time by using autonomously-controlled fish to perform tests in-situ.

The life-like creatures, which mimic the undulating movement of real fish, are equipped with tiny chemical sensors to find the source of potentially hazardous pollutants in the water, such as leaks from vessels in the port or underwater pipelines. The fish communicate with each other using ultrasonics and information is transmitted to the port's control centre via Wi-Fi from the "charging hub" where the fish can charge their batteries. This enables the authorities to map in real time the source and scale of the pollution.

Unlike previous robotic fish that work with remote controls, these have autonomous navigation capabilities, enabling them to swim independently around the port without any human interaction. This also enables them to return automatically to their hub to be recharged.

Professor Huosheng Hu, leading Essex robotics research team, said: “The SHOAL project has made several major developments: artificial intelligence-based algorithms, novel robotic fish development, real-time chemical analysis, underwater communication and hydrodynamics modelling. It is the world first for this kind of system capable of detecting and analysing pollutants in the sea water in real time. The robotic fish developed at Essex is able to operate in a harsh and dynamic condition of the sea up to a depth of 30 metres. This is a great advancement, comparing with most of the previous robotic fish operating in laboratory conditions and static water.”

SHOAL is conducted by a consortium of six European organisations. Apart from the University of Essex, responsible for new robotic fish development, other partners are the BMT Group, the project coordinators; Thales Safare, responsible for the underwater communication network; the Tyndall National Institute, responsible for the chemical sensors; the University of Strathclyde, responsible for hydrodynamic modelling and the Port Authority of Gijon for the testing port.

“The SHOAL project is only the first step of the long journey toward creating a fully autonomous robotic fish system to detect water pollutions in real time and harsh environments. Although it has successfully demonstrated such a novel concept, its daily operation and successful deployment in a sea port or a river needs further investigation and intensified field testing,” added Professor Hu.

In collaboration with other EU partners, Essex robotics team is currently searching for new research funding to continue such an effort so that such a novel robotic fish system can be commercialised for many potential real-world applications in the near future.