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The US Navy just got a new spy plane. It name is MQ-4C Triton, and it has been created by Northrop Grumman for "maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance data collection and dissemination capability to the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force."
The Navy says that their new drone will be used for sea "surveillance, collection of enemy order of battle information, battle damage assessment, port surveillance, communication relay, and support of the following missions - maritime interdiction, surface warfare, battlespace management, and targeting for maritime and littoral strike missions."
If it looks familiar is because it is based on the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Like its US Air Force sibling, these things are really huge, with a 130.9-foot wingspan. They are long-range too: Northrop Grumman claims that it can do "large maritime distances for long periods of time for up to five simultaneous orbits worldwide."
The only think that puzzles me is that the Navy is getting them just after the USAF announced that they are mothballing all its Global Hawk fleet, citing cost problems and less than optimal results.
Perhaps the difference is that the new Triton comes with the AN/ZPY-3 multi-function active-sensor, a completely new 360 degree radar system that is supposed to be much better than the sensors in the Global Hawk

LG will soon launch the Model 55EM960o which will be the 3D OLED TV.

It has 3 USB ports in the base.
They say its price is about $12,000

Immersive 3D directional audio
Separate game and voice volume controls
Deep bass and crisp highs
Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort

Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Frequency Response: 25Hz-22kHz
THD: -97dB

Cable Length: 12ft / 3.7m
Xbox Live Port: Yes
Xbox 360 Audio Input Type: RCA

7.1 Surround Headset
Digital Decoder Box with Stand
In-Line Audio Controller
Removable Microphone
Headset Connector Cable
Optical Cable
USB Cable
Digital Audio Adapter
PC Adapter

If you are planning to buy an Android OS based phone than you must buy an MTS MTAG 401.

Its come up with price Rs. 8,999. It's a CDMA phone, with Android 2.3(Gingerbread).

It has 4 inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480X800 pixels.

The phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 800 MHz  and 1700 mAh battery.

The calls for MTS to MTS is free.

Yesterday Apple launch its Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

It is 0.7 inches thick. It's starting price is $1100.

It comes up with 13" and 15" screen sizes.

I love the Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 version.

This year Criterion Games come up with Need For Speed Most Wanted latest version which will launched on 30th October 2012.

If you wanted to be most wanted again kindly comment me.

Fujifilm introduced FinePix S2980 in India at just Rs. 12,499.

It has 14 Mega-Pixel CCD Sensor.

With 28mm wide angle.

It also has 18x Fujinon optical zoom.

Its screen size is 3.0 LCD Screen.

Yesterday was World IPv6 day and a few companies and ISPs made the big move to IPv6.

The reason IPv6 is being adopted is because of the problem of IP address shortage.

The IPv6 standard can support some 340000000000000000000000000000000000000 IP addresses, which means that you can have these many devices connected to the web with a unique IP address for each one.

Major sites, such as Time Warner, AT&T, D-Link, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo! were participating in the transition. However, many other popular mainstream sites didn’t make the move as well. They’re likely to make the move slowly, as time goes by. As of now, all the services that moved to IPv6 will still be accessible via connections using IPv4.

If you love foursquare, then they realease its new version for free for Android, iOS, Blackberry.

New version has more features, more upgrades and more social.

The location aspect of the app has gotten a new shine, with a snappier map interface that lets you see where your friends are in real-time.

It all looks quite spiffy, as it very well should considering the company’s clout: Foursquare has raised more than $71 million in venture capital since it was founded back in 2009, and its most recent stock sale valued the company at more than $600 million.

Acer S7 launched in Computex 2012. It has 12.5 mm thickness.

It has Intel Ivy Bridge processor. Which is preloaded with Windows 8 Preview.

It come up with Touch screen. It supports Full HD. It come up with 13.1 & 11.6 inches models.

The 13.1" model last long for 12 hours and 11.6" model last long for 9 hours battery life.

It also has light-sensing keyboard.

The Incredible fusion of Notebook & Tablet.

Jonney Shih officially announces the ASUS TAICHI Windows 8 tablet/notebook at the Asus press event at Computex 2012.

It has dual screens. Inside screen used in like Notebook Display and outside screen is work as Tablet.
It has also as thin as Asus Zenbook which is thin ultrabook.
It has SSD, Dual cameras, Dual FHD(Fine Home Displays)/IPS(In-Plane Switching) panels and Intel core processor.
Instant sharing with back to back Dual screen.

Nintendo is first out of the blocks ahead of Sony and Microsoft by revealing the Wii U controller will be known as the Wii U Gamepad and showing of some its features

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U controller shown off at E3 last year will be known as the Wii U Gamepad after making the announcement at a streamed video conference ahead of its E3 keynote on Tuesday.

Firming up details of its capabilities the Wii U Gamepad and how it will play nice with your TV, the Gamepad will also work as an e-Reader, support NFC from a button below the D-pad, feature motion and gyroscope sensors and be available in black and white. Confirming recently leaked pictures of the Wii U Gamepad, the thumbsliders have also been replaced by analogue sticks which unusually sit above the buttons in the wider more ergonomically designed Gamepad.

Nintendo also took the opportunity to grab the headlines before Microsoft and Sony's E3 press conferences by announcing the Wii U Pro controller which looks inspired by Xbox 360 controller, works wirelessly and aims to offer a more traditional gaming experience. There was no confirmation of pricing or a release date of the secondary peripheral however.

Last up on the announcement front was the unveiling of the Wii U's online features, a mobile app and Mii Wara Wara feature. A pre-recorded video demonstrated how users would be able to access online communities to search for help if stuck at a certain point of a game. The Wii U will also be able to send online content from the Gamepad to a TV while Mii Wara Wara which expands on the Mii Plaza from the Wii, is an online universe where all Miis can gather. We expect details of these elements to be outlined further in Nintendo's press conference later this week.

24" and 27" Models
Presenting the next level in entertainment computing. The VIZIO All-In-One 24-inch and 27-inch premium PCs combine breathtaking industrial design and unparalleled performance with the life-like clarity of HDTV and amazing audio quality.

Vizio Inc., which shook up the market with inexpensive high-definition televisions, now wants to become a computer manufacturer.

The Irvine, Calif., company, which ranks as one of the top sellers of televisions in the U.S., plans to show a line of thin laptop computers and all-in-one desktop PCs running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows software next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Vizio, which also produces Blu-ray players and a tablet, says it worked on its computer designs for two years in attempts to offer an aesthetic that competes with Apple Inc.'s popular products but at a lower price.