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Hey Guys, Good news here !! :)

Google is updating !!

My blog moved to PR2 from PR3
another got PR0 from PR3

October 2009 Google pagerank update is running so, you can also check your website Pagerank update at the end of october,2009 on google toolbar.

I was Waiting for this Google Pagerank Update since a long..!!

Google has made a page rank update, the changes are starting to show in Last Week of October 2009. It has been a long wait for this update, the last update was in 23rd of June. Until now only a few site have been affected by the PR update. Tomorrow we will see clearly what are the effects of this October PR update.

Although page rank doesn’t determine your position in results, it shows your site social status and power. A site with PR 7 has more back links and more weight, when this site publishes an article it will get quickly on the first page of Google Search, even if it doesn’t have backlinks.

Other micro sites too got indexed with PR4 etc m still checking exact details buss felt like sharing with you people :)
so you too check and share the information here...


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